Integration with Snooty Language Server

Dec 18, 2020
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I wrote a language server prototype for reStructuredText in 2017 (let’s call it rstantlr), which helped create some basic functionality in the reStructuredText VSCode extension. But in the next few years I didn’t have too much time to extend it further.

That approach has several limitations,

  1. The language parser in C# is rather hard to improve, as the original language specification and implementation is Python based.
  2. Too many gaps are there to fill.

It was a few weeks ago that I noticed MongoDB guys launched a language server for their internal documentation system named Snooty, and that language server contains reStructuredText support, which is based on docutils. And no doubt, time to integrate Snooty with reStructuredText VSCode extension.

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The End of MonoDevelop

Aug 19, 2020
Copyright © Lex Li. River side, Montreal.

Microsoft abandoned MonoDevelop GitHub repository earlier this year, and we can see no commit was pushed since February. However, there is no official announcement from any Microsoft channel on why that happened.

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Migrating Files UWP to Uno, Part I

Jun 01, 2020
Copyright © Lex Li. Downtown Montreal.

WinUI was developed as part of UWP and has been the foundation of many Windows 10 apps. Uno Platform implements the same API surface on non-Windows platforms, so some applications can be migrated to iOS/Android/macOS (and even the Web via WebAssembly). But how difficult can such a migration be? In this series of posts, I will try to cover the story to migrate Files UWP, a medium size open source file explorer, to macOS.

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Miseries Around ASP.NET Windows Authentication Setup

May 13, 2020
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ASP.NET developers should have some IIS knowledge. But how much can be enough to fully understand the concepts of Windows authentication? Well, based on the questions from Stack Overflow, I bet the answer is quite lot. A complex topic like this requires extensive knowledge beyond ASP.NET/IIS, and if you don’t fully understand some Windows/AD processes behind the scene puzzles are everywhere. This post might not be able to cover everything, but can leave you hints on what to explore further.

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