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Jexus Manager for IIS Express

You probably know Jexus Manager has been out for a while. Since I decided to implement Microsoft.Web.Administration namespace on my own and mapped Jexus settings to that model, it is technically possible to develop other mappings, such as the ones for IIS and IIS Express.

Therefore, in the past few days (plus a few days in this summer) I finally finished the mapping for IIS Express, and now Jexus Manager can start to manage IIS Express. Below is a screen shot showing the initial achievements,


More information is going to be published in the next few weeks. I plan to do a public beta soon. Yes, it is a little bit slower than the original roadmap, but stay tuned.

[Update on Nov 16]

Alpha 1 is now available,


It is very buggy, so don’t use it too seriously yet.

[Update on June 7, 2015]

Alpha 6 is available at the same location. Much more stable.

[Update on Sept 5, 2015]

Beta 1 is available at the same location. Major features completed.

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