Please Forget PHP Manager 1.x for IIS And Welcome PHP Manager 2.0 for IIS

March 31, 2018
Copyright © Lex Li. S 3rd St in Philadelphia

PHP on IIS was something Microsoft promoted with lots of efforts. Tools like PHP Manager for IIS do help attract users. Even I wrote about it in 2011. However, time flies, and it is now time to say goodbye to it and let it die peacefully. Why?

  • Its original developer(s) abandoned the project on CodePlex.
  • CodePlex was archived earlier this year, so was the homepage of PHP Manager.
  • Nobody picks it up nor makes a trustable fork yet.
  • The source code and installer does not work with latest IIS, such as IIS 10.

What Should You Do?

Please try out the 2.0 Beta installers and provide feedbacks,